Monday, July 16, 2012

Small Changes Make A Big Difference!

Small Changes...

I'll be the first to admit it-

I don't like change.

I like going to the same gym
 at the same time,
to see the same people,
do the same cardio,
listen to the same music,
do the same routine,
at the same time,
at the same gym,

BUT, I change easily when I have to.

My teaching job ended,
so I changed back to my "old" gym.

I don't have to be at the gym at 5:30 because of work,
so I changed the time I now go. 
(I get to sleep an hour more)

My Ipod broke,
so I changed my old Ipod to a new one.

I got the new Ipod pictured above and put my old songs into my new Ipod,
but the order of the songs has changed.

I'm in Chicago, so my routine of working out everyday
has changed.

I also changed my "eating plan" this week,
I actually indulged a bit. (wink)


Going back to the "old" gym was fun!
I got to see the "old" crew!

I love having a couple extra hours of sleep everyday!

I love the look of my new Ipod.

I love how my mind expects the next song 
and a different one comes on.

I'm excited to be in Chicago,
it's good to give your body a rest.

I had a ton of fun trying some food!
Yes, a sandwich with Pastrami, Cole Slaw, and FRENCH FRIES!
Since I took a couple of days off,
when I ran yesterday 
I was able to run
5 miles!
(i haven't done that in a year because of a knee injury- 
I know it is s...l...o...w.... don't laugh)

Do you need to change something in YOUR routine?
Is it time to try a new sport or activity?
What is something you can change in your workout to make it fresh?

Try to make 1 new change today.....somewhere....
GO for it!
I'd love to hear about it!