Sunday, June 24, 2012

About Me

About Me

Ok, I know. One more blog? REALLY?This is classic Sanguine Personality behavior. Start, start, and start, but rarely finish.The funny thing is that starting something far better than not starting or even trying, right? The goal of this blog is to encourage, educate and inspire you to work on becoming YOUR best!!

I do not have any fitness/health degrees, however, I have been an athlete since the 5th grade, was an All-League Basketball player in High School, ran track and played volleyball for our high school, and I have continued to take Physical Fitness classes while working towards my Teaching Degree in College.

I have struggled with a poor body image & low self-esteem and had been overweight for most of my childhood and teen years. After the birth of my first child, I gained an excess amount of weight and was sick of not feeling or looking my best so I did something about it!

I have found that going to the gym and hitting the weights has transformed me, inside AND out.I love it and could not imagine my life without exercise.I have been active all of my life, but not until I started understanding the tie between the mind and body, did my body begin to change into a healthier, stronger version of ME!I have come a long way and although I am in my 40's, I feel stronger, healthier and more confident than ever!

Let's work on becoming our BEST together!


  1. I FOUND YOU!!!

    Look at that picture! Girlfriend, you are BUFF!

    Janet, you never cease to inspire me with your uniquely Sanguine energy. It empowers me, encourages me, and enables me to believe that I can accomplish much.

    You were with me on my weight loss journey - and your commitment to the gym challenges me to now add FITNESS to my health profile.

    Keep up your great work - and I'll join you in becoming OUR BEST!

    Love you and GOD BLESS!

  2. Sharon- You are soooo sweet! Thanks for finding me and following me!
    You are a dear, dear friend!
    Love you!


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