Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mud Run #2

If you've never done a Mud Run, you've got to do it!
The first one I did was at the Great Park, which is the picture on my first post.
This is my second one.
(two years later)
I did it with a group of friends from the gym.

We had a blast!

The first one I did, I actually placed.
2nd in  my age bracket.
 (Seniors, Masters, the Old People Group)

This one, I don't think we placed,
but I had 
thee best time e-ver!

Mud in my hair,
and there,

Ha Ha!

Karla never mentioned the 
that we would be SLIDING into.

If I had known prior to the run about that LAKE of MUD,
I honestly would have hesitated about doing the run,
because I am the type of girl who does NOT like to get my hair wet.


I don't go swimming because of that.
I don't do Triathalons because of that.
I don't EVER go out w/my hair wet, because of that.

Well, I did that day.
It was  a blast and I'm SOOOOO glad 
Karla never told me.

HUGE risk for me to go down that slide.
I won't mention any names, but one of the girls actually opted out of the slide,
for what I think was that same reason I wouldn't have.

I was brave!

I took a risk!


Why do I worry about things so silly as that?

Do you ever opt out of things because you're afraid of how you'll look?

I think I do that more than I'd like to admit.
I need to stop it

What will you do, regardless of how silly you'll look?

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