Monday, September 24, 2012

Running- A Metaphor for MY Life...

Good MONDAY Morning!

I've said before that I never considered myself a runner and yet, here I am,
 training for the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon.

I know it's such overused metaphor, 
but running has become 
a metaphor for
my life.


Well, I have been able to see how my running patterns
 are very similar to patterns in 
my life.

1. I always make things Larger than they are in my head!
"I could NEVER run 13 miles!"
Well friends, I haven't yet, but I have darn sure run farther than I ever have in my life!
This training has gotten me to 10 miles,
thank you very much

2. I tend to focus on the moment, versus the long term.

I want to run fast at the start.
I want to hurry up so I'll be done faster....yeah, right.

Meaning...I bite/chew my candy, not suck on it.
(even though I'm not eating candy anymore, I used to)
I'm more of the Sprinter vs. the Long Distance Runner.

3. I overthink my run before I run it.
Overthinking: it will kill you...

In my head, I overthink the run, 
how many miles, 
how I will look after the run 
(sweaty, of course),
fitting it into the day with carpool, 
kids stuff, 
errands, etc,
and sometimes I even get a little anxious before I run
 because I've just thought about it too much.

Just like life....need I say more?

4. I underestimate my strength, determination - basically shortchange myself.
I decided to make this 1/2 Marathon a goal to challenge myself to accomplish something I never thought I could.
I don't know why I allow myself to "go there",
even after all the "work" I've done on my insides,  

I still get moments when I am doubtful about what I am capable of,
truth be told.

This has been a life-long battle of knowing WHO I am, Who's I am,
and that I'm 
and wonderful,
gosh darn it!

The funny thing is that if this were easy for us
there wouldn't be any growth

Keep the faith and keep growing!

What about you?

When you exercise, 
where do you see areas that are metaphors for your life?

Where are you being "grown" in your life?

And remember, it's never too late!

Leave a comment below 
I'll do an EXTRA crunch today for every comment! <3

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